Sunday, April 28, 2013

5 1/2 today

Ok so I haven't even posted a single blog in 6 months.  Does that tell you how busy we've been?  In that time, we've taken a trip to Maui, had Christmas, Isabelle's been skiing a lot, we've had Valentines and St. Patrick's day, Spring break camp, zillions of swim lessons, and then her Art Show last week.  Oh and I have been in a removeable cast and crutches (until last week) for over a month due to a severe ankle injury.

But besides all of that, I realized today Isabelle is exactly 5 1/2!!  Wow.  Every year really does fly by faster.  No wonder we had to buy her new clothes and shoes this week, as this girl is growing every day.  She is a reading maniac now zooming through her Bob books and spelling out words on her own very well.  She loves her friends dearly and gets excited to play with them whenever she can.  She has been swimming independently for several months now and we are still trying to settle into some new lessons to keep her going, since losing our gym a few months ago.  She blew us away with her waltzing with 3 handsome partners at her Art Show- but her art is even more breathtaking.  She loves art more than almost anything.  She recently read a book and couldn't figure out what to do with the stickers that came inside.  So she decided to use them to create a "Scene Select" as she called it- where she drew out various scenes from the book in different boxes.  So creative and amazing. 

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