Tuesday, July 2, 2013

In the Blink of an Eye...

Another school year's just ended, and this time it meant my darling Isabelle has grown up and graduated from preschool and is officially a "kindergartner."  This has been very emotional for both me and her-  as I'm so proud of all she's learned and the person she's become during her 3 amazing years at the Children's Garden,... yet I'm heartbroken at how quickly it's all gone by and that she will be off to

elementary school in the Fall.  How absolutely magical her preschool has been has only made this harder for me to accept as I know that there is no way that public school is going to be nearly as amazing.

So, reflecting on the past 3 years I've pulled up some pictures of her from the beginning of preschool, and now.

First day of preschool - almost 3 years old:

These are pictures of Isabelle giving her much loved teachers the cards she made for them on the last day of school:

 I can't get over all the things she's learned since she began at preschool when she was still just 2 years old (almost 3)!  She was so little at that time and so scared to have me leave her there.  Now, she has learned to waltz with a partner, publicly speak, present her "World Report"to her class after doing the research and memorization, memorized an entire anthology of poetry, has learned how and when to use her "strong voice" instead of her gentle one, can read and write, has done amazing artwork this year, and has developed such a deep love for school and learning.  We are so proud of you Isabelle and hope you continue your love of school as a Kindergartner in the Fall!

For now, I'm trying to wipe away the tears from her graduation ceremony- where the kids walked in a processional holding custom made masks for each face, each kid received their "diploma" on stage while each teacher shouted out things they "love about Isabelle," before the crowd yelled "Look out world- here comes Isabelle!!"  It was such an amazingly emotional moment and so empowering for the kids.

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